“. . . you look to art for something that walks—goes faster than you do, that goes faster than the seasons, that doesn’t have a regular beat but surprises us, that innovates, that’s something that quickens our life and makes us be more aware of being alive and connects us more to our own time. So that sense of looking to art to deregulate our normal rhythms, to make us think more broadly, at the same time, to invest us more quickly into what surprises us, to force us to come to grips with the unexpected . . . ” 
—Kirk Varnedoe, Art Historian

These words encapsulate Sarah Dixon’s philosophy and artistic vision.

Sarah’s background in dance and floral design produces glorious, lyrical, and whimsical paintings rendered precisely and executed in luscious, vibrant color. Creative design and innovative composition are signature characteristics of her work. Paintings, Sarah believes, should not only be beautiful, but they can also be fun. 

Sarah maintains a studio in Jackson, CA, painting fulltime. She specializes in figurative work, doll imagery, botanicals, and portraiture by commission.

Sarah works primarily in oil and believes that the purpose of art is to delight the eye and enrich the soul.